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Cost-Efficient Door Weatherstripping Service

Front Glass Door

Ensure that your house stays warmer longer through the meticulous door weatherstripping service of Royal Door Refinishing Co. in San Antonio, Texas. Weatherstripping requires replacement periodically to ensure your home is sealed tight from the elements.

Importance of Weatherstripping

Small leaks around your door can let air, water, and unwanted insects in. Worse than that, the same small leaks add up to big numbers on your electric bill. Call us today and let us seal up all your exterior doors. We carry all types of replacement weatherstrips.

Weatherstripping on Door

Other Details

Save 20% on your electrical costs through our weatherstripping service. We ensure all your doors are swinging and latching properly. If you can see light around or beneath your door, it's a sign that you need weatherstrip replacement. Your bronze weatherstripping around the door frame will start to oxidize over time. The natural wear and tear from using the door will cause the material to wear out. Replace all of your door weatherstripping with Royal Door Refinishing Co. We carry all replacement weatherstrips in stock! When we refinish your door we can replace your door bottom weatherstrip as well. Call today for your in home consultation.

Contact us at (877) 739-6542 in San Antonio, TX, to have your broken doors repaired through our quality garage door refinishing and door refinishing services.

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